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Tinted glass

Whether you're using Glass & Mirrors Etc. to install a new desktop, get a new tabletop, replace your door, or get a custom-fit mirror, you'll get high quality glass from us every time. Visit us today, and get a FREE estimate on installations and repairs.

• Energy efficient glass

• Fire rated glass

• Plexiglas

• Bulletproof glass

You'll get responsive service from our dedicated staff every time. Call us today, or check out our references.

•  Etched glass

•  Patterned glass

•  Tinted glass

•  Decorative glass

When you have us install a new glass fixture, you'll get our installation guaranteed and in some cases, a manufacturer's warranty on the glass itself. For more information on glass and warranties, give us a call today.

Call the glass installation company that's been in business for over 20 years.


Get quality glass every time.

Invest in durable glass.

Beautiful glass you will love.

You'll get a great warranty on your new glass today.


You'll love your new glass product no matter what you order.